There are several types of bankruptcy. We provide services to help you come out of any bankruptcy. Here are the services we provide.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy


Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all your debts can be cleared off. It can discharge medical bills, credit card debts, and other unsecured debts. You cannot get rid of school loans or child support through it. In most cases, you can keep your property. You can discuss with our lawyers to find out if you are eligible for this service or not.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy


If you are facing repossession or foreclosure and you want to keep your car or home, then you can apply for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It can help you to start fresh again. We can arrange your debts into an affordable repayment plan which you need to pay back over three to five years time. Through this tool, you can save your home, car or eliminate debt.

Credit card and medical bill debt


Credit card and medical debts are very common reasons for bankruptcy. The interest rates on credit cards are so high that people find it difficult to repay. They get into an endless cycle of debt. Same is with medical bills. These bills can be huge in amount. Our experienced lawyers can help you get rid of these debts.

Student loans


If you are in student loan debt and cannot afford to pay back, we can help you to get out of such situation. We can make your student loan more manageable.

Bankruptcy is not a good solution for everyone. We offer free consultation services for our clients. So, discuss with us to find out whether you will benefit from bankruptcy or not.